OnlyFans to ban sexually explicit content. Is it over for Sex Workers on OnlyFans?

Written by Axel V. | Published 19 August 2021 | Last updated Today

OnlyFans to ban sexually explicit content. But... is it really over for Sex Workers on OnlyFans?

UPDATE: 2021/08/21

OnlyFans updated their Acceptable Use Policy, citing:

shows, promotes, advertises or refers to “sexually explicit conduct”, which means:

  • actual or simulated sexual intercourse, including genital-genital, oral-genital, anal-genital, or oral-anal, between persons of any sex;
  • actual or simulated masturbation;
  • any exhibition of the anus or genitals of any person which is extreme or offensive;
  • actual or simulated material depicting bodily fluids commonly secreted during sexual conduct;

This goes against anything that their support allegedly replied to user request emails seen on r/onlyfansadvice.

What is happening with the OnlyFans right now?

OnlyFans was first started in 2016 by UK Entrepreneur Tim Stokely, and gone viral in 2020 because of Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

But now, the OnlyFans is the butt of the internet right now. You’ve seen the memes. You’ve seen the boring threads from VCs on Twitter. OnlyFans built their reputation, their biggest revenue stream, and their fame on sex workers. Now they’re turning their back on them. That ain’t fair.

But… is it actually over for sex workers on OnlyFans or is it something else?

Are they really going to ban sex on OnlyFans?

Recent articles reported by sources like Bloomberg cite OnlyFans announcement, that they’re banning the sexually explicit content starting October 2021. But, they also say, they’re not going to ban nudes.

So… what’s the difference?

This is pure speculation, but it seems like OnlyFans will be banning the most hard-core porn stuff on OnlyFans. They may also improve their artifficial intelligence to capture hardcore stuff.

It could also be just a PR stunt, because they're trying to raise money from investors. So their public perception must be good and all that.

OnlyFans meme shoot

I spoke to some of my friends in the adult industry, biggest names in Europe and Asia and all of them said VISA and MasterCard control the market. They’re the kingmakers on “who can make money”, because they process the payments. Whoever is in charge of payments controls destiny of the platform. This should be your 13th reason to finally look into crypto.

Personally, I don’t believe OnlyFans will block sexual content on their platform. Some Reddit posts support this opinion. They just have too much to loose. And the fear of loosing something — $2B in revenue — is greater than... well... anything else they would do.

Be sure to come back to this page for updated on the situation.

What is the most probable OnlyFans outcome here?

As I said, I don’t think OnlyFans is going away for sex workers. Imagine, you’re the CEO of OnlyFans and blow up your biggest revenue stream. Aight, you’re a billie already. You have fuck you money in your bank account. Your kids are set. Your mama is set. Your pops chimed back in your life. But… now you care about people opinion on you. Think about it. Make your decision.

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