Onlyfans is an adult subscription website where content creators can make money in different ways. Starting from charging your superfans a fixed monthly fee in subscription to selling them your videos or pictures through the pay-per-view model. 

If you are a creator or a user or just anyone curious about Onlyfans Stats, this guide you will have an idea about Onlyfans monthly traffic stats, how much creators are making on Onlyfans, what is the total number of Onlyfans users and creators, and every data you should know about Onlyfans. 

Onlyfans is one of the most profitable and highly searched websites around the world. According to similarWeb, Onlyfans is the 134th most visited website with over 243 million visitors every month. 

Some Key Onlyfans Statistics you should know about: 

  • Onlyfans have over 170 Million users. 
  • 98% of the Onlyfans content is adult or porn. 
  • As of 2022, Onlyfans have over 1.2 Million creators. 
  • 500K users join Onlyfans every day. 
  • There are creators such as Bella Thorne who made over $1 Million on her first day on Onlyfans. There are creators making over $2 Million a month on Onlyfans. 
  • The top 0.01% of the creators are making over $100k a month. 
  • On Average creators are making $121 and through some other studies $190 to $200 a month on Onlyfans. 
  • The average Onlyfans creator has over 21 subscribers and charges $7.20 per subscription. 
  • Onlyfans have paid over $2 Billion since its inception. 

How Much Money do top Onlyfans creators are making? 

Onlyfans gives a percentage to creators based on how much money they are earning and how many content creators are on the platform. The more money you make, the more you move to the top percentage. The top 10% of creators are making less than $150 a month. The top 4% are making $1k to $2K a month. The top 1% are making somewhere between $3k to $5k and the top 0.1% making $10k to $20K. 

If you are in the top 0.01%, you will be making more than $50K to 100K a month on Onlyfans. 

I have talked to a lot of creators and the highest money earner for them is getting personal requests from their fans. Creators charge $100 to $400 for delivering a custom request from their fans. A custom request might look like this; one of your fans asking in messages for you to take a video outside your home and then undress. 

BuinsessInsider reported an article about Bella Thorne making over 2 Million a year on Onlyfans. 

Onlyfans has over 170 Million users:

Thanks to Covid-19, Onlyfans become a major platform for adult content creators or sex workers to upload their explicit pictures and videos and make money. Onlyfans have over 170 Million users and each day they are getting over 500k so I think they have grown to over 300 million or even more as these Onlyfans stats reported were a bit older. 

Average Onlyfans creators earn over $151 and the average subscription is $7.20

An average Onlyfans creators earnings are determined by dividing the total earnings of all creators by the total number of creators on the platform. These numbers will go down as more creators are joining the platform. 

How do Onlyfans works? 

Onlyfans is an adult subscription platform. Creating an account is easy.

Whenever you joined the platform, you can add a profile picture and the banner and add your credit or debit card. 

To add your credit or debit card, you need to go through a very simple verification process, after you getting verify, you can subscribe to creators and pay a monthly fee (counted for 30 days) and can access the content of a creator for that time period. 

If you are a creator, before adding your bank details (in order to get paid) you need to verify yourself as a creator. As a creator, the verification process is a bit hectic as it takes 24 to 48 hours and once you are a verified model, you can add your bank details and start adding content behind the paywall. 

Whenever you subscribe to a creator, as a fan, you have to pay the subscription fee like how you pay to Netflix but for the single creator only. 

What type of content is most popular on Onlyfans? 

If you looking for the Onlyfans stats about the most popular content it is always Adult or NSFW.

But, there is a twist to the story.

If you are a famous chef and want to join Onlyfans, you just do the same thing but with a little extra like wearing more revealing or no clothes. Or, if you are a gym freak, you can teach your fans about the Gym and how to better exercise but in a more sexual way. 

You can be an SFW (Safe-for-work) content creator on Onlyfans but if you told someone that you are making money on Onlyfans, it is more synonymous with the adult platform. 

Listed: Top Onlyfans Earners and Onlyfans Stats: 

Following are some of the Onlyfans Stats of the top earners; 

  • Blac Chyna: Making over 20 Million a year. 
  • Bella Thorne: Making over 11 Million Dollars a year. 
  • Cardi B: Making over 9.34 Million Dollars a year. 
  • Mia Khalifa: Estimated earnings of $6.42 M a year. 
  • Erica Mena: Estimated to be earning $4.42M a year. 
  • Pia Mia: Making over $2.2M a year. 
  • Safaree Samuels: Making over $1.91 Million a year. 

Onlyfans Stats: The Conclusion

Onlyfans have over 170+ Million users with over 243 million visitors every month. The platform is amazing and is the first platform that provides the opportunity for sex workers to make money through subscriptions and when Covid-19 happened, the platform reaches to the boom. It has the advantage of being the first in this market followed by dozens of other Onlyfans alternatives.